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Bleeding baseboard heat system


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May 19, 2020
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Thought there was a thread on it the other day, but I can't find it. Anyway, to make a long story short my dumb ass used the wrong connection to fill the new septic tank to bed it and I drained my heating system and smoked both circ pumps. Guess I should have fixed the back hose bib this spring...

Got new single speed Tacos from lowes depot and got the downstairs circuit working with minimal fuckery, but upstairs is kicking my ass and has been for 12 hours. Furnace and indirect water heater are downstairs, and i've been bleeding the crap out of everything I can find and still don't have enough circulation to actually make heat. I have the little vent canister things with a schrader valve on the supply and return plus each run of register but no matter how much I bleed the damn thing I'm not getting much circulation or air out of the system. I don't know the exact path of the circuit but I mapped out the logical path and ran through it forward and backward getting all the air I could. Water heater side is working flawlessly, but it is a short run of pipe;

Am I doing something completely wrong? Can I make a couple jumper hoses and turn the closed loop system into an open loop to work the air out? I am keeping the supply valve open when I bleed it to refill. I'm just glad it warmed up, last week at 5* I might have been fucked :laughing:
Well, that was quite a bonehead move. Impressive:laughing:

I don't know anything about all that, but yeah, why couldn't you just connect your fresh water system to the heating system and let it rip. Right where your circ pump should be, connect one side to fresh water and let the other vent (bleed).

You should be able to tell when the air stops coming out...
Well, that was quite a bonehead move. Impressive:laughing:

I was outside 8 feet underground and over the 314 excavator, backhoe and compactor I heard one of the pumps death scream through the wall. Took about 1/2 second to realize what the noise was and what I'd done :laughing:

I just now set up the wet vac and opened every bleeder full fucking tilt. I think I gave myself a couple steam burns, but it made a godawful gurglequeefart noise and seems to be moving some water. Fingers crossed:homer:
Should just bleed out. Did you hook something up wrong somehow? Or maybe when the pump died it put junk into the system and now clogged a valve?
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