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Beretta Combat APX review


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Aug 6, 2020
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Back story: A while ago (please disregard date stamps on pics, they are arbitrary and change when the camera battery dies which is "frequently") I acquired this pistol. I was in the process of building an AR-45 and purchased the wrong bolt (I can post up that build if anyone cares). JoeBob wanted a 20% restocking fee so I attempted to sell the NFA bolt on a gun board (I don't recall which). As I was finishing the description a window popped up asking if I wanted a chance to win a Beretta. Yes, yes I did so I filled it out. Next day I get an email asking where to send this gun. In complete disbelief I called the phone number and a woman with a strong Italian accent verified I did win. Anywho, I now have the gun.

Review: It has been a great little shooter. No malfs (when did that become a term???) whatsoever. The gun feels light and grip angle/erognomics are fantastic, in a most unGlock-like fashion. The trigger is a bit squishy but not heavy, it is a striker fired gun, quite manageable with some time. It is kind of a whore to field strip, three hands would be optimum. The FCU is the serialized part so the ergonomics/color are easily modified. It came with three grip size panels. I like the large grips and, again, are easily changed. The mags are some of the stiffest ones I have ever had. I need the mag loader past the first round. The thread protector seems to come loose after a few rounds so to prevent it from going downrange I remove it before I shoot. Slide came with an RMR cut for the three most common RMR's. The instruction manual is a little awkward, The prominent forward and rear serrations are welcome and my significant other can even rack it.

I had it for a few months before the RMR slide cut got the better of me. Irons were great but I was driven to put a micro red dot on it. The instruction manual listed three brands that would fit. Vortex wasn't one of them. A little innerwebz research and I found that the Vortex Venom was the same footprint as one listed (I don't remember which, sorry). And the Vortex Venom was on sale at the time. The base of the Venom is slightly thinner than what was listed so the provided screws were a half thread too long. Nothing an extra lock washer and blue LocTite wouldn't correct. I installed it and took it to the range. Out to 12 yds it was fine, past that I damn near had to aim at the ceiling (indoor range) to hit the target, the UP adjustment was twisted as far as I could turn it. I lost confidence in the sight and removed it. Called Vortex to complain bitterly and they calmly explained that I needed a 1* shim between the sight and slide. They didn't give one but sent me a link to a site that sold them ($12 American). Once installed I was able to hold a 3" group at 25yds free hand. I am extremely satisfied with that. Downside is that I can't find anyone that offers taller "iron" sights to co-witness. When the RMR battery dies (and it has) the gun becomes a hammer. I have a few extra batteries now, they are not common batteries (LR44 IIRC). I could only find them online, gun store was no bueno for batteries.

I didn't own anything chambered in 9mm before this gun. I had to buy dies and a shell plate for 9mm because I have a AR-9 to reload for now too. .Everyone likes pics, so here they are:


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wow, pretty awesome to hear that people actually win those random popup things :laughing:

overall, sounds like a pretty solid unit. kind of weird that the shim isn't supplied
Just showed this to my dad. He’s been filling those out for years and done raffles. Never got shit. :laughing:
Nice! That slide though....

Good to see ya over here man!!! :flipoff2:
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