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Beadlock Sealing


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Dec 17, 2020
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I’ve been on a roll lately with dumb questions so why not post another.

I just bought my first set of new beadlocks, Vision OJOS. Do I need to silicone between the wheel and the tire on my outer bead? Or is that only when they’re an older wheel and tire? Running 37in Toyo’s.

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No Silicone is needed the rubber seals against the metal when bolts are tight. The main reason I've seen beadlocks leak is the inside of the bead lock actually seals against the Inside of the tire not the outside like they are manufactured. 1 out of my 6 BFG's on beadlocks leak down very slowly like 1-2 psi per day.
5 of 5 Nitto 40s on Spyder lock beadlocks don't leak, no tape on inner bead, no sealant on outer bead. Even the shitty used 37s I had on them before hand didn't leak. Lots of soapy water and keep the beads clean when installing and you should be fine.
No sealer needed. I've been running Method beadlocks on a daily driver for years, have had multiple sets of tires on them and not a single wheel has ever leaked air.
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