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Barrett Jackson Scottsdale 2021

Ho. Lee. Fuck.
Troop carrier? Tractor? Wrecker?
Was there at least anything special about it? Giant set of chrome truck nuts dangling off the back?

Edit: Found it. Looks clean, but just a fresh paint and engine de-greaser. Damn, people have too much money.
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Wonder what that Rokon went for yesterday.

Umm...Lot 353 - 1993 Dodge Ram with an 8 cyl. Cummins? :confused: They must be hidden in the back :laughing:
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Used to be wed and thurs were affordable junk and locals could have a chance. Saturday will be off the charts.
The 2-stage bodywork and Avalanche Gray PPG paint have been carefully blocked before paint was applied, all body panels were replaced prior to paint. A paint job of this caliber cost us over $20K, plus the cost of all of the new body panels. Although this Bronco was pretty rust-free when we started the project, it is now officially 100% rust free. We estimate that this paint job should last another 30-40 years if kept covered whenever possible, or when garage kept.

20 grand for a single color paint job??? no freakin way

3 stock 77' Broncos from the same collector, in the staging lane.
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That’s a lot a coin for an old nova, but it’s not six figures…

I’m sorry for your friend, but it does make me feel a little better that the world hasn’t gone completely nuts.
Yeah well check this crazy shit.

I have a friend thats really into John deers from 40s and 50s. He has one from every year and one of every engine. Its people like him that buy that stuff because they have the only one. Anyone can build/restore one really nice but can't get a low 'original hours' tractor.
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