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May 21, 2020
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Got some projects going on in the back yard and what better teacher to learn from than 2BigBronco! It's not as adventurous as pouring 487 yards of concrete with bags and a harbor freight mixer but there's lots of manual labor involved. One, because I'm cheap, two, because I didn't want a skid steer going all over the place and tearing the yard up more than needed and three, because 2BB makes it look easy! :flipoff2:

Overall goal is hot tub under the deck. Hot tubs are just like everything else right now and in short supply. Picked one out from a group of batched orders a local place has lined up. It's not due in until sometime in September so I got some time to get things set up.

So the deck is there already but we need some concrete under it to put the tub on so being an engineer I got fancy with the drawing.


Step 1 is to get rid of the "temporary" drain tile sump pump/downspout extensions and bury some schedule 40 PVC since 5,000+ pounds is going to be on top of it.



Step 2, cheat and rent a teacher! :flipoff2::flipoff2::flipoff2:


Step 3, hand dig the angled portions so I don't end up in the basement or tearing the deck down with the trencher. :laughing: Started hitting clay at this point so that was fun.

Cut some pipe, dangle some angles and glue some shit together. Fuck glueing down in the trench, glued most of it up top and set it in the hole.


Also stubbed in a location for a future downspout for drainage from the ghetto under deck drain system I'll be installing sometime in the near future.

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Next is to backfill, but not too much under the deck cuz your dumbass will just have to dig it back out later. :lmao:

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So I did all this over the hottest damn weekend of the year but didn't have much choice due to my schedule and forecasted rain. Think it was 96 degrees with 104 heat index. Never sweat so damn much in my entire life but made sure to stay hydrated and took breaks every once and awhile. Think I had 6 hours in Saturday and at least 10 Sunday but got everything up top this point finished.

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Fuck ya!

Give is more....

​​​​​​More is coming. This was the second time I typed the post so I'm a little pissed and tired of typing. Accidentally refreshed the page after I had the whole first post typed up. :rolleyes:
NIce .. I need a trencher badly. What are those to rent.. ballpark.

This was $120 for 4 hours if I remember correctly. Only used it for 30 minutes and had it returned back like an hour and 15 minutes later but guess 4 hours is the minimum as I didn't get a partial refund.
Oh and the pipe is buried about 18" down to get a decent amount of dirt between it and the future rock/patio above it.

And if I'm doing anything wrong feel free to make fun of me. :flipoff2:. That's pretty much the first time I've ever done real work with PVC.
Trencher :lmao:. What a pussy :flipoff2:

I've been looking for one to buy for a year now and I'm pretty convinced there is a union in charge of the used market. They dont exist for under $2500
I must live by the only 2 home depots that don't rent equipment. I hear people talk about it all the time, but ours definitely don't have anything but that truck with the kinda sweet flatbed to rent.

We do have a ton of other rental yards though where you can rent just about everything you can think of from a roto hammer to a 25t excavator.
Only a few HomoDepots in Sac rent, but a number of independent rental yards have them. Think I spent like $200 for 4 hours.
I rented a Ditchwitch years ago; fucking thing tried to kill me! Damm thing had a dragging clutch and pinned me against the house. :lmao:
Trencher :lmao:. What a pussy :flipoff2:

I've been looking for one to buy for a year now and I'm pretty convinced there is a union in charge of the used market. They dont exist for under $2500

This is what we have out here on the ranch and it can really be a steaming POS sometimes lol. But when it works it works awesome.
Next step is where the manual labor comes into play. Since I'm a cheap ass I'm digging out the area for the concrete by hand plus there's not much room under the deck to maneuver a skid steer. Could probably do it with one of the smaller ride on machines but again, cheap ass. :flipoff2:

So most of the digging is close to the house where I need to dig down a full 8" for 4" of base rock plus the 4" of concrete.

This really didn't take too long to get where I'm at. Maybe 4 hours total and have most of the 16x10 area roughed out.

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Luckily I have some low areas that could use some fill on the other side of the back yard...

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And here's where I ended the day yesterday. Not bad for a few hours of work in my mind. I'll be working on it a little tonight and hopefully finish the roughing out and start leveling tomorrow.
Step 13. Get out dad's old ass shop fan to blow all the mother fucking mosquitoes away!

Step 14: realize that if you chop the dirt up in the wheelbarrow it packs better when you dump it in the woods. :laughing:

Actually looking like something now. Got the main 10x16 area roughed out. Probably going to pick some 2x6s up tomorrow and start final cutting the edges and try and lay some form boards out. Supposed to rain this weekend so it might turn into a giant muddy ass mess. :rolleyes:

hey, I got a very similar fan
been meaning to pick up some free furnaces to get more of them...
subbed to the concrete stuff, been doing a lot of it lately, getting pretty good with the mixer
Not a whole lot of progress today. It was "work from home" day but ended up running over to my mom's and cutting her grass on "lunch" so that took away from digging time.

Got more strings laid out and dug a portion of the sidewalk. Moved some of the grass to the fill area and that's about it for today.

Oh! I also tested how hard it's going to be to break up the little 4x6 pad you can see it the background of this pic. Shouldn't be too hard with a sledge. It's crooked as fuck and not square :rolleyes:so I'm tearing it out and gonna pour a new slightly bigger pad in its place.

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