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B.J. Baldwin Shoot

Glad it was recommended there was no charges. Hopefully that sticks.

Dude seriously fucked with the wrong 2 people.
Upon sensing the danger, Baldwin said he pulled his licensed concealed firearm and the shooting broke out. The gunman fired two shots at his girlfriend and six shots at Baldwin, he said.

The gunman died after being hit with 10 shots in a shootout that Baldwin estimated lasted about four seconds.

Each shot Baldwin fired at the gunman hit its target, including nine to the chest and one to "the central nervous system." (The second suspect fled.)

“As Joseph Smith got closer, he turned his firearm toward Baldwin,” the report said. “When Joseph Smith turned his pistol toward Baldwin, Baldwin drew his 9 mm semiautomatic pistol from a holster on his waist and stepped north, taking cover behind a trash can.”

Police said Joseph Smith fired seven times at Baldwin, and Baldwin fired 11 times at Smith. Baldwin said he didn’t know who shot first. Baldwin also said he did not shoot at Kevin Smith, who was unharmed.
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