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Axle shaft to spindle clearance.


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May 19, 2020
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I have a weird full float rear axle built 20ish years ago. It’s a dana 60 running dana 44 outers. The spindles are just bolt on big bearing variety. I’m running 30 spline warn slugs from an old full float kit.

For this mild build this axle will suit my needs. The builder had originally bored spindles over .120 the axle shaft diameter. The 30 spline shafts are 1.285 and almost push through the spindle. So I was thinking of having them opened up to 1.300 so .015 clearance.

But after thinking since these bearings are in gear oil do I want more? Dana 60 has .060 clearance between spindle and shafts. Should I shoot for that?

reason I’m asking is spindles got bored too thin and I bent one. Just want to do minimal clearance to retain strength.
Pics yes I know it’s a funky axle but all four corners share everything from spindle out which is nice.
I'd like. 030-.060. Should be enough for lubrication and maximize the spindle strength.
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