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AWD systems in escalades

May 19, 2020
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on the hunt for a gmt-800 suv. whats the deal with the escalade AWD? from the little i could find the 2003-07 are different than the previous years. i would probably swap the tcase for a 241 or atlas. is the AWD system integrated into the trans controller or is it a stand alone unit?
I want to say the gmt800 awd still used a viscous coupler in the tcase to transfer power if either the front or rear slips. Kind of a lame way to make awd work. The later gmt900 awd is a plain open center diff and uses wheel braking to transfer power. That setup works pretty dang good (pretends to have locked diffs) and theres no clutch-slip garbage to wear out.
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My Denali doesn't have any electronics other than the speedo on the output

You could easily put a 241 in with a cable shifter.

If it's the Borg Warner t-case they're worth a little $. The NVG shit out viscous couplings fairly often and are almost worthless.

I have the BW, and it's still working at 250k miles. Never touched it other than a fluid change. It can bring the suck not having low range though.
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