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May 19, 2020
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So, my 2003 Subaru outback it’s breaking air conditioner belts. Everything‘s in alignment, nothing really seems out of sorts. I replaced the idler pulley as a precaution. But an AC belt still only last about two or three weeks. I think it’s the compressor. Is it common for an AC compressor to work intermittently but then hang up and break a belt?

If it was the clutch it should just engage and make the AC compressor turn. I wouldn’t think it would shred a belt.

what have y’all seen?
compressor siezing up? proper amount of oil in the system? would be my guess. in either case, i think youre going to need a new compressor dryer etc
Are you saying the belt fails with the AC off? If so, alignment. (I know you said it's straight.)

The other issue could be the clutch is slipping. I had a AC clutch slipping and it would get boiling hot. (It would literally boil water on the pulley) It would start making the belt smoke. The AC still worked. I ended up changing the compressor, but maybe I only needed to change the clutch. I was just sick of screwing with it.
No. the light shows its running

Its old. I dont think the light knows much.

Very good chance it has a revolution sensor in it, even with it being a '03. But have you checked the clutch, or hearing any noise?

if the clutch is held on with a bolt, try turning it and see if you feel any issues.
It's winter. Worry about it later.

It was 90° today . But the only people who own lesbarus are Yankees, twats, possibly both.

A belt just doesn't "break". You should hear a hell of a racket/squeal if the clutch was locking up and eating it. Not to mention belt debris around the culprit.

Or is it throwing the belt?
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