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May 20, 2020
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I know this was discussed at different times on the old forum and I know I won't get just one general consensus but I know a few on here use their scanners pretty regularly. I right now have a couple vehicles with CEL lights on. Nothing major but would like to know the codes they are throwing. This is not something I am going to use any more than I have to on personal vehicles, but since COVID, the local store in town does not let me use their reader anymore. So I want one. I will list the current fleet and you will notice most of what we own is Chevy. My other question with this is I have a 67 Chevy I want to put a motor in from an 04/05 GMC that I have and wouldn't mind to do a little upgrades to the motor. But I also don't plan on tuning this myself as I would send that off for someone to do but think there may be some benefit in getting live data? Not sure if I really need it or not though (and a big reason I am asking this question). My (and parents) fleet:

67 Chevy getting an 05 GMC 5.3/4L60e (possible transmission swap to something newer with more gears)
89 Chevy K5 w/stock 350 TBI
95 Chevy S10 4 cylinder/auto tranny
95 Nissan Hardbony 2.4/5 speed
00 GMC 6.0/4L80e
00 Chevy 5.3/4L60e
01 Chevy 8.1/Allison 5 speed
05 Jeep Liberty 3.7/whatever tranny
~2015 Kia Sportage some 4cylinder and AWD
2018 Chevy 5.3/whatever 8speed transmission and has DOD that I would eventually like to delete if I can after warranty is up
My brother also has
05 Chevy Silverado, and 2020 Chevy Traverse

So a lot of crap and some will be sold or parked and parts robbed from. Some are toys. Only a couple are actually worth much money. I have been leaning towards a cheaper Autel but again, not sure what I would benefit most from. I have a nice laptop (PC and Mac) or an iPhone if that would be better to grab a Bluetooth device. I will include a link of the one Ihave been eyeballling but on the way to work the other day, CEL popped up on the Jeep and I don't want to drop $40 bucks so someone else can read it and tell me everything it needs every time.

Thank you for the replies.

I used the shit out of one of these till I bought a bigger/badder scan tool, if you just want codes and generic OBD2 data it does it just fine. I still keep it on my service cart to check/clear codes quickly. I have a couple cheapo bluetooth deals that I use for a Ford specific program but otherwise the hardwired one is faster and easier than the phone app.

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