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VA Atlas 2 32 spline input shaft

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Jul 21, 2020
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I need an Atlas 2 32 spline input shaft. Mines the early 6 spline version.
Just did this, I wouldn't bother with used, just call aa, you'll need an install kit also. It was less than $200 with the different adapter for the 6l80e. I ordered it all through High Angle Driveline.

​​​​​​If I were to do it again, I'd ask them about getting rid of the 6 spline internal junk. Seems silly to have a beefy 32 spline input that necks down to a 1950s 6 spline junk.
2 or 4 speed? or is that the same input? my buddy is taking a brand new 32 spline input out of a 4 speed right now
The 4 speed parts are different since they use a planetary gear input setup.
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