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ARB compressor / weatherpak type connector wiring


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Jun 1, 2020
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I bought an ARB twin compressor kit never used in an open box fairly cheap. . It has 3 wiring harnesses and 2 electric connectors coming off of the compressor, I am going to use the harness with the thick gauge wiring coming off the compressor to power it. The 2nd connector has 2 very thin gauge wires and I believe is used with an internal relay to turn it on and off. . Id like to get just a male connector and make my own harness to power it up, the Napa guy wants 35 bucks for that connector and would have to order it and he is not positive that it would fit. . Id be inclined to hit the boneyard to try and find something for a bit cheaper. I could cut and use the plug from the current harness but I figure I could make a couple of bucks putting the harness on CL or Ebay if intact. Do you guys know if arb uses standard gm connectors and if not than what are they?

Other than being overpriced new, anything I should be looking out for with this unit?
Cut off their connectors and use Deutsch connectors if you don't want to mess with finding the ones they use.

If not, stig is right. They're some combination of metri-pack.

As for the second question, anything to look out for, nope. Just keep the air filters clean and free of water. I put a water separator on mine before it goes to the solenoids and air chuck. Overkill maybe but it doesn't hurt. I like mine, even though I got it new, it was a pretty decent price from a vendor on the other board.
Weatherpak connectors are cheap on amazon and a kit of them is good to have in the toolbox when in the woods. Swapped one in for my elec fan when it's connector fried and it's been problem free for a while, stands up to my idiotic sloppy powerwashing.
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