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AR pistol


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May 21, 2020
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I figure some round of banning will surely get these so I pulled the trigger.

I had to swap a tungsten buffer weight or 2 into mine to get it to cycle correctly.
Decided to build a few pistols recently. Have too many lohers and not enough money to finish them. So the plan is build out several lohers, then invest on uppers IF prices ever come down, then focus on sights/ optics. Currently sitting on 8 completed lohers.

here’s the build from a couple of weeks ago. Plan is build two rifle lohers and two pistol lohers. Finished the two pistol lohers, started the third and realized I was missing the bolt catch assembly on one of the kits. Good thing I built it and not let it sit. I’d like build a Vietnam era “replica” rifle.

Pistols are fun. Get them while they’re hot and not banned. :mad3:

I have an 8.5” .300 Blackout pistol, and currently an 11.5” 5.56 upper than I need to finish filing my SBR stamp on.

The issue if they ban arm braces is that there likely won’t be any grandfather clause, wasn’t with bump stocks or binary triggers in states that banned them.

Obviously they can them become either rifle lowers or SBR them, but if you’ve got half a dozen short barreled uppers you’re kind of SOL.
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I have 3 soon to be 4. 7 inch 9mm, 10.5 inch 300 blackout, 10.5 inch 5.56 and 4.5 inch .22lr in the works.
80% lower, Adams Arms 11.5" piston upper, Surefire can, Aimpoint, big-ass light. With the adjustable gas system and Hornady 75g Blacks, it runs like a deer, and it's what stays next to my bed.


Aero upper and lower, 11.5", drop in trigger, Law tac folder, Surefire Scout. Fun to shoot.

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