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Appliances that are good?

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May 21, 2020
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Omaha, Ne “ish”
Frigidaire, Samsung, lg, kitchenaid

looking for a matching 4 piece set with a gas range. French door fridge with freezer on bottom.

what should I avoid?
I got black stainless samsungs. Everything has worked for the last year but 25% of the time the fridge is about 10x louder then it should be. 10/10 would not buy again
I have LG's that are almost 10 years old and going strong,friends have had nothing but issues on ones less then a year old
dont get a french door fridge,the seal between the doors will be to thin and allow condensation which turns to mold if it doesnt drip on the floor 1st
We bought Kitchen Aid stainless: gas range, fridge, built-in microwave w/ range hood, & dishwasher.

That's been at least 5 years with no problems. Selling house now, appliances are still good to go.
I ask all the yuppies in my office and then buy the opposite of that. So that means I either wind up with bottom dollar Chinese garbage or antiquated commercial stuff. So far it's working out well. :laughing:
We just went through that process. The wife did all sorts of online shopping/reviews then we went to Nebraska Furniture Mart to touch everything since we originally planned on Kitchen Aid, good stuff just didn't check our boxes. We went to Factory Direct to get more perspective on brands/items that NFM didn't have on the floor.

We had a couple details that pushed us to split brands and ordered Bosch for the fridge, OTR microwave and dishwasher, Viking for dual fuel range all in stainless. We wanted the same fridge configuration as you, with water and ice through the door, this deal with it inside the fridge kills the convenience of having it. We also wanted the best dishwasher value and as little electronic crap on the range as possible (yes, I know it is dual fuel and that is contradictory but it was part of keeping the Boss happy by not having a digital control panel). The OTR and range look good together despite being different brands.
Stay away from Wolf! Wall oven is total crap; gas range is ok, but has way to many nooks and crannies that are hard to clean. :smokin:
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