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Anyone near Phillidelphia want to ship a bumper for me?


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May 19, 2020
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I need a bumper cover to replace a crash damaged on for an old car. The only yards on car-part who've said they ship haven't called me back saying they have it or a price. There's a yard in Philly that says they won't ship but can deliver locally. Is there anyone local who wants to ship it for the cost of shipping plus some beer money and the potential to call in a favor later?
I'm a bit NE of the city in Bristol, if no one closer or more convenient chimes in i can help..
I'm about 30 minutes north of the city. If no one closer can help you out let me know. Also, they city went bat shit insane over the weekend so who knows if your yard is even open.
I'll let you guys know. Insurance appraisal is happening tomorrow. Depending on how open they want to be with the checkbook I might have to hold off a couple days
You better have that part in your shop by tomorrow afternoon if you know what's good for you:flipoff2:

Hence why I asked which yard. I deal with some but if I know what it’s for I can also locate closer to me.
I deal with them on occasion and they will deliver to me. Give me a stock number or any other info you have and I’ll call them in the morning.


The first one is preferred since the price is defined and it comes with foam. Once you've got it in hand I'll paypal you the out the door cost and we can figure out shipping.

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PM me your cell phone number and I’ll see if I can get pics tomorrow. No worry about delam or minor damage?
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