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Anyone have a home with black paint/lp smart siding?

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May 21, 2020
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Omaha, Ne “ish”
Building a house and thinking of going black or dark charcoal exterior with cedar accents and was wondering real world results after 5-10 years how they look.

edit located in Omaha



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I think climate makes a huge difference. I’d never do it in Texas. Where are you? We have really dark accents on our house and anywhere the sun hits in, it just bakes. I have to do some touch up and it’s been about a Year and a half since the previous owners painted it. I like the look however.
iirc you're in FL
I'd be worried about it getting droopy in the sun
even up here a medium gray needs to be steel or aluminum
If you live south of Fargo I see that being an energy nightmare in the summer. Looks nice though, and you're always halfway done with halloween decoration :laughing:
There are a few in my area that look like that. Seems like they have held up fine over the last couple of years since they were built.
Is lp osb backed? I think it would hold up but my vote is real wood shou sushi bon or how ever pronounce it. It is weatherproof after you burn it
My parents' home in the south SF Bay Area was done in a super dark brown on T1-11 siding. It didn't stay that dark for long. I'm not sure it had any real impact on temp of the house during 90-100 degree summers.
A builder friend painted his Hardie board somewhere between charcoal gray and black. I don't know what paint he used, but I don't think he cheaped out. He ended up repainting in <5 years due to the fading. Never discussed energy bills, but I'm sure that unless you insulate the shit out of it they'll be higher.
I live in CO with a dark gray house, south and west side take a beating in the sun the house was built in 2013 and seems like it has to be painted every 4 years or so or it just looks chalky.
Temp wise we dont have an issue, late afternoon the siding gets pretty hot, but haven't really noticed a bad increase in the house.
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