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Anyone have a bend formula?


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May 20, 2020
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Ok, for lack of a better term, Im looking for the formula for a front YJ Cage. So a straight bar 90° bends with two tails, nothing spectacular. It used to be on the wall at the shop I worked at, but that was 20 friggen years ago.

I have an el-cheapo bender now, that I got for a song.

If memory serves, it was somethin to the effect of.

Say you want a 5' wide hoop, outside to outside. And you have a 10' piece of tubing (the length of the legs dont matter to the project)

You would find the radius of the die.

Mark the tubing at center (5')

subtract from each side of center mark 2.5' minus the radius of the die, minus the tubing dimeter?

Make the mark for the start of the die, then bend to spec.

If you wanted the 5' hoop to be 5' inside to inside, the same formula posted applies, just dont subtract out the tubing diameter? And if you want the 5' center to center, then use the first formula, but subtract out 1/2 the tubing diameter on both sides?

Its been since 2000 or 2001 since I have used the calculation, and am looking to make a front cage tie in for my YJ. Simple enough. Cut tubing. Find the center, then measure from the middle to find the start of the two 90s. Just dont remember the formula off hand.

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That doesnt sound familiar...

Edited my post to hopefully clear it up

Im looking for how to bend a large C shape. Tail, 90°, middle, 90° and tail.

Basically, the front cage section shown
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Looking at that, though I kinda prefer this style front. Either way, I cant remember the other formula, and it would come in handy.
Put a square on your die and you can figure it out pretty quickly.

there are different variables such as tube dia, location of your mark and CLR of the die.
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