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Anyone ever been struck by lightning?


May 21, 2020
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I don't even know anyone that's been struck by lightning. My dad and uncle were on a job site when they worked construction back in the old days when they used to swing hammers to frame and there were big crews of guys working on multiple houses at once, they saw the crew on the house next door get struck by lightning. One guy ended up in the hospital, about 5 dudes got shocked. That means 4 out of 5 guys that got struck by lightning that day continued working. :lmao:
I had a strike about 40' away once. I was blind for a few seconds and deaf for a couple minutes. It was terrifying.
I knew a guy who had been struck twice. If you ever wanted to see a fat man run, let him hear thunder.
Over the summer the shop at work got struck while I was in there messing around with my SxS on a Sunday. It was an instant flash/bang with no pause and then a second or so after, the two transformers on the pole outside exploded and caught fire. To say it scared the shit out of me is an understatement! :eek:
Not a direct strike but was standing next to a tree that got hit. Knocked me off my feet and scrambled my senses for several minutes.

You should grab a graphite fishing rod during the next electrical storm go to a field and hold it up as high as you can. Then tell us what its like.
In 4th grade there was a huge storm and our class went outside to watch. Lightning hit the parking lot about 1000 feet from where we were all standing and I still remember the static electricity hair standing on end feel allover my body.

Fast forward 30 years and a plane I was in got struck less the 5 min after we took off in Panama. One of the loudest things I've ever heard.
Not lightning but this guy on the radio keeps telling me I've been thunderstruck....

My calculus teacher said he was struck by lightening. Talking with him it sounded like that's what gave him his mathematical superpowers, guy was wicked smart and a great teacher.
1) I bought a Honda CB160 w/damaged motor & was pushing it home. A sudden heavy downpour & Boom!! Everything went white + very loud crash... Took a few to adjust senses & continued to push bike.

2) At work doing overnight shift at local convenience store (am-pm), raining out, then Boom!! Lights went out momentarily but white glow outside til it faded. Lights come back on, cashier & I continue our jobs to get ready for morning influx of customers. It was later that the owners called my house asking why I (we) didn't report the "lightning strike that hit the roof a/c??"

3) In broad daylight, a kaboom struck an oak tree 30-40 feet away, didn't know what it was at first-
My dad has been hit twice. They say after you have been hit you attrack it again.

He was at the cottage when him and his brothers saw a storm coming accross the lake. He rushed to the boat to put the top on and had one foot on the dock and one foot on the boat. There has a come-along attached between the cottage and the eyelet that the dock was anchored to (they were straighting out the framing). The lightning hit the cottage jumped through the come-along through the cable securing the dock and into my dad.

The lighting knocked him six feet onto the dock. He said he heard static, a large flash, and woke up on his butt. He had a huge blood bruise all up his side and his hair was smoking but otherwise was ok. They were lucky they were outside of the cabin because it looked like the lighting was searching for an exit. It blew out a wall, shredded the drapes to confetti, burned golf ball size holes in the glass and blew the soles off of a pair of shoes on a self. The lighting arrester cable was burned/cut into 18" lengths.

The second time he will not talk about...

There was almost a third time a few summers ago. He wen't out to the shed during a storm to put things away and close the windows. I ran to help but before I could reach the door of the cabin I saw a bright red horizontal flash and then a huge bang. My dad came running out of the shed full speed. He said he felt an odd static and saw a blue arc jump across the room. The scary part is there a three 100 lb propane tanks in there. We moved them to a safer place the next day.

I love our cottage, but being on an island and the highest point on the water always makes me nervous when there is a storm.
Close twice. 13, in dad's truck, following him home from teh cemetery we mow, he is on the mower. It lets loose, torrential downpour, then the whole truck cab went white. Hit the pole 20' from the truck. Very loud and violent.
Second time I was next to some huge anhydrous tanks up on the spill containment dike, spreading straw blanket as we had just seeded it. Starts raining, and I'm convinced I'll get all the staples pushed in so it doesn't blow away. Finish last one, lean on back of truck tailgate taking a drink and it hits the tank. Truck shocked the shit out of my arms and tingled my hands and fingers for quite a while. Lots of juice in the air.
So, in answer to the question in the OP, no, and I don't firsthand know anyone that has been hit
I was out swimming in a river when a storm blew up quickly. My brother, a friend, and I were in a tree about to jump off a rope swing when the tree we were in got hit. We swam back across the river as quick as we could and went home. It left us with a funny feeling for the rest of the day. Can’t really describe it. But no lasting effects.
Not a direct strike but was standing next to a tree that got hit. Knocked me off my feet and scrambled my senses for several minutes.

You should grab a graphite fishing rod during the next electrical storm go to a field and hold it up as high as you can. Then tell us what its like.

Same here, back in high school. And I agree with the graphite rod, too!
My cousin was struck last year on a college campus, she didn't survive.

Sorry to hear that. :frown:

I always scoffed at my mom about lightning, we'd play out in the rain of course, but she was right all along. Not about a lot of things :laughing: but about lightning, my mom was right. It strikes a lot of people. It will come through the phone cord and shower pipes.

One thing she had wrong though is that lightning will come inside your house for no reason at all and strike you while you sit on your couch grounded to nothing. It happens.
Close enough for the hair on my body to stand at attention....close as I ever want to be.
I worked with a guy that was struck twice. Once was while kayaking. Normally he was a pretty fearless dude, ended up in a coma after a mountain bike accident and was back out biking a couple months later. But if you heard thunder you could see him start to tense up and start looking for shelter.
Years ago I had a strike less than 10 feet away. I was inside looking out a window and the strike hit the sidewalk in front of the window.

More recently I was out on my boat when a thunderstorm formed. We made a quick run for the nearest harbor and anchored amongst a bunch of sail boats. One of the sailboat mast got hit. It was probably 1/4 mile away but before the strike we could feel the electric field building. Like hair standing up crazy shit.
I knew a guy that got hit by lightning on a construction site.

he wasn't wrapped too tight before, but he was definitely never the same after.

he lost his shit and I haven't talked to him in like 5 years.
I took an indirect hit the summer between my 6th and 7th grade year. My friend and I were riding my dirt bike and were out a couple miles away from the farm when a summer storm came in. We were tandem on the bike trying to make it back home when we saw the flash hit about 40 yards to the left and I clearly remember seeing the arc jump from the impact point out and hit the front rim of the bike. It instantly killed the bike and we biffed it hard. The shock was relatively minor for us, but the bike never ran again.

I'm definitely in the category of watching and finding shelter asap when I hear thunder in the distance. I don't like being out when it's storming and my wife makes fun of me. But I have felt the static in the air many times since my close encounter.
I've never been hit, but I've felt the static in the air and the vibration in the ground. I was about 50 yards and it hit a grain silo that burned down a small wooden structure. I love a good lightening storm. :flipoff2:
Years and years ago a girl I knew all of my life and dated in high school had just recently lost her father who by the way hated my guts. They lived out in BFE down a country road with power poles on the one side. She was having a rough time and we ended up just riding around and listening to her vent about everything that was going on. We ended up on the subject of how much her ol' man hated us together and sure as shit in the middle of that conversation the power pole next to the truck was struck by lightening. Everything went white, scrambled senses and a bang. Closest I've ever been. Coincidence or not she got taken right home after that..
A thunderstorm a few years ago blew through and I was standing in our living room looking out the window. A lightning bolt hit the transfer across the street. Thing exploded in the brightest flash of white light I have ever seen. That’s as close as I ever want to be. Like being flashed when welding.:eek:
When I lived in AZ, there was a monsoon going on. I was heading North down into Cottonwood /Verde on I-17. If you have been that way, you know the grade down into the Verde Valley. Its quite a drop. I was about 1/3rd the way down, just when it opens up and you can see the valley below.

Whatever cloud level I was on was the weirdest/coolest thing I have seen. Looking down into Verde/Cottonwood I could see these weird purple/blue orb looking things form just before lighting hit certain spots.
Back when I was in HS, my grandfather lived in Wichita KS for a while. We were up there one summer visiting him when a storm blew through. That night it was on the local news... 6 kids were hanging out in a parking lot a few blocks from us and got hit. It killed all of them. :eek:
I was at soccer practice in high school. The coach called practice due to lightning. We were all jogging in when the coach yelled "hit the ground!!!". He had felt the charge. We all got down fast and the lightning struck about 50' from us. We were all disoriented but managed to run back to the field house. That was a very close call. I've not been closer.

But, I've been through two tornadoes. My brother was in one that destroyed his home.
Yeah, twice indirectly.

I don't recommend it.

I have suspicions that my essential tremors are related to it.
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