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Anyone else seeing RANDOM CORVID TESTING in their area?

There was a post about a mobil testing truck coming to my town.

Just in the knick of time with that one fellas. :lmao:
mandatory? your tin foil is a bit tight

No tinfoil here. As it says in the article, the Health Department is going to "ask" 1600 random people to go get tested and then proceeds to list the time frame for tests and follow ups.

Is this like the health department "asking" us to maintain a 6' distance or more like them "asking" us to self quarantine while monitored and quarantine enforced?

Just looking to see how common this is in other areas.
In a press release the county said during the week of June 8 they would be calling 1,600 randomly selected residents, regardless of symptoms, and ask them to get tested for the coronavirus.

So what happens if you refuse?
They want the numbers to go up to prove that opening up was wrong and try to shut down again
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Whashington like many other states implemented tracking and tracing, and if you get traced to have been in contact with a suspect case you will be mandatory quarantined, they will not force a test on you but will assign you a state appointed helper to make sure your needs are met while locked in yo house. I don't think that will go over well outside of the big 3 cities.
They want the numbers to go up to probe that opening up was wrong and try to shut down again

ND bought 250k of the finger prick rapid tests and are going to do mass rapid testing in areas that have had larger spread of the virus. The Governor is wanting to use it to show that the virus is out there even more than we predict yet the hospitals are keeping up so even if a second wave comes through there is "NO" reason to shut down again. The mass random testing can work both ways depending on the agenda.
3 locations within 15 miles here in south florida. ft lauderdale area. Total waste of police resource and orange fucking cones and party rental tents. And if we get two drops of rain the suspend the testing site but they have managed to absorb 3 of the larger parks in the region for test sites but only utilize 1/32 of the park for testing but shut down the entire park because of this stupidity
They did like 250 test in my county, hit FB, Twitter... asking for volunteers.

No way I'd get in line, hell if I'm sick I'll resist testing with all my ability.

1) I've had maybe two flu test my entire life, it incites rage in me, I want to harm the mother fucker sticking a qtip up my nose.
2) If I feel fine I'm not gonna subject myself to a mandated quarantine.

I can't wait till we have the whole vaccine debate, it'll be interesting to see how "mandatory" those become.
The only testing I've seen was either at the drive through one on the parkway at the arts center or at Walgreens.
Apparently they rounded everyone up on the crow res and started testing them. Found about 14 new cases in people who had no idea they were sick. I figured the governor would use it as an excuse not to go to stage 2 reopening but it's kind of hard to justify when there is only one hospitalization in the state right now.
Had mandatory testing at work for everyone Monday. That's ~750 people in the Detroit area. Not sure how they will spin the results.
Mine came back - :flipoff2:
Here is another local article with a bit more info. Seems that there will be a choice:


From the Article:
Residents who choose to participate will be asked to provide basic information and then schedule a time (June 18, 19, or 20) for sampling.

It will be interesting how this new information will be used. In our county, things seem to be a bit more straightforward. Our governor on the other hand tends to use convenient statistics to impose her will.

We will see!

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