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Anyone do paint and body work?


Central California
May 19, 2020
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Central California
I am going to start my body swap of my first gen 4Runner over to my 3rd gen truck.

I am thinking that I want to paint it along the way. I have experience painting from woodworking and have a pretty decent spray rig. Binks Mach 1 HVLP with a pressure pot. It lays out the lacquer that I generally use very nicely. Never used any type of auto paint through it. It has a 94 tip.


Anyways, I think if I paint the Runner body I would opt to use a single stage paint just for simplicity. Shooting paint and then a clear and getting it right twice would be tempting fate. :homer::homer:

Anyone have experience shooting a decent single stage paint? I am not building a street rod project here so it doesn't need to be flawless but I don't like hacked looking shit either so I want it to look nice. It'll be white so that helps some
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I personally love working with single stage urethanes. Not as forgiving as a base/ clear, but still has it's advantages. To date I have shot several rigs with a single stage.

The white pickup got an acrylic enamel, it was close to the og white. The peanut butter van got an acrylic urethane. They both went on fine, but the urethane definitely hardened quicker and laid on a bit smoother.

I use just a cheapy eastwood gun with a gravity feed. Ran great. watch Kevin Tetz videos. He has a TON of actual great advice for painting your ride. So far as the paint goes... it makes a difference, though I still haven't spent more than a couple hundred bucks on any mix. Go with the manufacturer recommend for the tips. typically it's a 1.8 for the primer and a 1.3 or 1.4 for the single stage.

Final products:


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Make sure to use paint and supplies from one manufacturer helps. I have painted a few, but it seems like there are years in between. I've gotten good results though by following directions, keeping things clean. This will sound somewhat comical to more experienced people. But the last car I painted was with a gravity fed gun. I was having a heck of a time. Until I realized there was a minute filter at the bottom ofd the paint cup. Once I cleaned that it went pretty good.

It is the little things. You'll be alright. Watch a few videos, practice on a spare door, and keep things clean. It is pretty rewarding.
Flecker is really the expert on quick and clean single stage. Second van pic shows a nice prep. \\n\\nPull the easy stuff and tape the rest. \\n\\nhttps://www.amazon.com/SEM-38391-Sc...8391&qid=1607415248&sr=8-1&tag=91812054244-20\\n\\nhttps://www.amazon.com/3M-Scotch-Br...grey+scotch,aps,257&sr=8-6&tag=91812054244-20\\n\\nHolds up better than the 3M 233 series. Thinner. Stickier. Way more water resistant. \\nhttps://www.amazon.com/IPG-American...qid=1607415349&sr=8-1&th=1&tag=91812054244-20\\n\\nPost up some pics...\\n\\n
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I used a Eastwood gun that required the least cfm I could find because my compressor is only 30 or 40 gallons. I was able to spray a full coat without stopping. I used b/c on the body and ss on the grill, roll cageand it will be on the top also. I bought paint from thecoatingstore.com they were great and custom mixed my color which took a couple trys to get it right. The paint was great to me but it was my first paint job on a vehicle.

Just a couple of things no one has covered yet.

Practice panel, get one with come curves in it. I also used to band a couple of little dents in it just to practice my filling and sanding.

Get at least a desiccant air dryer, clean dry air is your friend here, Harbor freight has them for around $60 to start.
My first paint job, $129 Amazon gallon kit and a $40 gun

I didn't do a test panel and my single stage metallic laid down poorly


I put a ton of effort into prep work, pulling trim and masking, put a piece of rope under rear window seal to lift it, etc

that paid off and got me an overall acceptable paint job

I probably had 300 in it altogether

flecker is a wealth of knowledge

I think mtrunner had a good thread on old site with a ton of info

I'll do another as needed, with a test panel, not sure if I'm willing to deal with metallic this time


Keep the tips and info coming. I’m replacing a driver quarter then the passenger quarter and I’m gonna try body work and paint.
I shot some water based lacquer on the desk I making yesterday with the 60 gallon compressor that I recently got from Lowes.

Small pieces of course but I was on the trigger constantly in an attempt to see how it will do On a whole vehicle. It kept up well wtih 22 into the pot and 9-12 coming out. I could have done a house.

I think a gravity gun may be in my future though. I have a cheap on from HF that I use to shoot primer/sealers but its crap. Good enough when I know that I am going to sand it anyways but that it about it.

I was thinking something like this for a gun since it comes with a variety of tips

Click image for larger version Name:	20201207_180540.jpg Views:	7 Size:	155.7 KB ID:	225429 Click image for larger version Name:	20201205_131804.jpg Views:	7 Size:	120.8 KB ID:	225431 Click image for larger version Name:	20201205_131752.jpg Views:	7 Size:	301.5 KB ID:	225432
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