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Anybody use a swing case? (advice for a friend)


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May 30, 2020
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I like to give some gifts out this time of year to people I like and give me business. A buddy who throws work my way picked up a 2018 tundra crewmax. He's into camping, wheeled his last truck but in the "this is my lifetime truck" we all tell ourselves early and uses his truck for work keeping a golf course operating.

In short I wanted to hook him up with something under 250 as a congrats/thank you and stumbled on these in a tundra forum. Anybody here try them or have a better idea?

They're nice but light duty which I guess is fine for a golf course.
He's got heavy shit around if needed this is more of a fun thing, just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything that'd make me look like an ass
Idea is neat, but reviews say it is flimsy and breaks easy. Try it and let us know
Had them in a Tundra a a few years back. They are ok for light stuff, but the brackets will bend, and the cases will break over time if you put too many tools in them. The lids also weren’t 100% water tight on the ones I had. It also wouldn’t take much for someone to break into them.
I ordered them for him and will see the quality - looks like a good fit for this situation. I'll see him a bunch and post up if anything relevant comes along
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