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Anybody up right now? wierd bright light in the sky East coast


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May 19, 2020
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East Coast
So i'm a little rusty on my astronomy but i am on the east coast, new jersey, jersey shore and there is a really bright light in the sky. Not the north star. According to my astronomy app its down to the left of venus. It's not a plane. Does not seem to be moving. Just really weird thats it's so bright. Anyone else see anything weird in the night sky?
Ill take a peak from Central NY, but I am in the Catskills so maybe its blocked from my view
The big one is coming!

But it's probably Jupiter and it's moons?
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It’s not Jupiter. Jupiter is at the SW horizon now.
You May be seeing Mercury according to my astronomy app.
so it's 5:30 am here and the sun is coming up and it's the only star i can see in the sky. Now that is has moved my star app is saying it's venus. I just don't ever remember it being that bright.

Damn i thought the mother ship was coming to take me home :(
Just judging from what OP said, I would have suspected Neowise, because it should be near the North Star.
it was the space x satellite??

No, you will know because they are low and fast.

Neowise is a bit hard to spot, it certainly isn't bright like that. I used binoculars and found neowise, was pretty cool.
This clip shows how it actually looks, if you've seen all the "bright ass comet" pics on the webv:

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