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Anybody run KYB Excel-G shocks?


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May 20, 2020
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Bought a $500 Super Duty work truck that has zero function remaining from the shocks. I typically buy Bilsteins or Old Man Emu’s, as I believe tires, shocks, and brakes are worth spending a little more $ on. However, this thing won’t be driven a lot and won’t be wheeled, so I’m having trouble spending close to what I paid for the thing on shocks, especially since it needs tires also.

The KYB Excel-G’s have caught my eye, as they are a reputable brand and marketed as OEM replacements, I can get a set for $120. I have to think they are better than Pro-Comp/Rancho, or other cheap Chinese garbage, unless they are just licensing their name.


I ran them on my 100 series Land Cruiser for a minute. They were cheap and worked like shocks. They were pretty soft in that application, I would hope the one spec'd for your SD would be appropriately stiffer....
I replaced my struts/coil springs and shocks in my 2008 Silverado 1500 with those. I like a firmer ride and these are that. It also tows smoother when pulling the three horse trailer.
Thanks for the feedback, sounds like what I was hoping to hear.
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