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Anybody Have Experience with Canadian Comfort Industries Pellet Stoves?


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May 21, 2020
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I bought a CCI WH-5135 pellet stove off a co-worker this summer. Hooked it up today and the auger motor is toast. It came with three of them and they all do the same thing, which is just hum.

Finding a new one is confusing to say the least. The newest motor that came with this says Merkle-Korff Ind. Model 4509UI-046.

It’s discontinued. But brought a counter clockwise shaft model. My auger needs to spin counter clockwise, so the motor needs to spin clockwise when looking at the shaft.

Will any motor that looks like mine work? It’s about my only option at this point.


They are all fairly interchangeable, just need to get the proper rpm 1/2/4.

Thanks! I found a 2 RPM, clockwise rotation motor that looks identical to the three I have laying around. I was pretty sure the same design fit a bunch of models but wanted to make sure.
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