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Anybody Ever Subscribe to `Farmshow`?

May 19, 2020
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Always seems to come up when I`m searching for something, usually when it`s something weird.

Seems interesting.

This pic shows a contraption to help push trees in the intended direction when felling. Last one I remember was the ice fishing hole funneler I sorta copied.

I've seen some of the seriously hacktastic contraptions. Some make sense most are dumb. I should submit some of mine. :laughing:
Jesus what could go wrong? A chainsaw, tree and a handyman jack any combo of two is a good way to die let alone all 3.
Was hesitant to click.....kinda expected sheep porn....
I used to subscribe probably 20 years ago. For the $24/yr it was interesting reading - of course back then was before the days of YouTube and social media. I always like having stuff around to read during breakfast or during the morning constitutional :), so this will probably prompt me to resubscribe.
My dad used to get it when I lived with him... k it's been 30 years but it looks the same :laughing:
Because an hour or 2 of drunken hackfuckery to build that abortion makes far more sense than using the wedge from your face cut...

Should be good entertainment if nothing else.
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