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Any Vets here? Crusty cat eye


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Jun 8, 2020
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Calling in the IBB vets.

This has come and gone a few times the past year. Seems like it is bothering him cuz that eye is partially closed.

Feed him bacon?

No, there are a few. Trying to avoid going if i can but will if I have to.

Last one we called started explaining prices and options before we even mentioned the issue. They wanted $150 per visit. :rolleyes:
Either something in it or feline flu?
I'm a Veteran, if our cat eye was crusty we washed it, saw the guy in the barracks that saved up all his Doxicyclene, or just put on a rubber as a last resort.

Getting the "rodding" was for after you couldn't stand to piss anymore.

If results from rodding are positive, cut sling with all current women or ask for enough meds for them too. If you don't, you'll just play ping pong with the crusty cateye.

​​​​​​Oh, wait. Wrong crusty cat eye.
Check to make sure nothing is in there. Mine would get fox tails and shit under his eyelid and it would get puffy and crusty. Flush with saline solution. and inspect.
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