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any CO snowmobilers


May 21, 2020
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combat city, CO
I am picking up a new to me snowmobile in a few days, and looking for a quick place to take it for a run before i summerize and store it for the year. I am in the denver metro area, so the closer to that the better.

Yeah, not the ideal time to buy, but they are cheaper in the spring
Not exactly close I know, but I was up on Buff pass (Steamboat Springs)a few times when I lived out there with friends. The snow up there got deep fast.
End of TigerRoad past the Breckenridge Golf course had a few feet of snow a month ago. Not sure about now . You could see how far up Georgia Pass by Jefferson you can drive before hitting snow. Won't be any near Cottonwood Pass.
From some searching on the internet i found that there are still some trails north of silverthorn that are still open. I dont need a lot of snow, just enough to rip around for a few minutes and make sure everything is good.
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