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May 20, 2020
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Black Hills, SoDak
Needed a couple holster for my Steyr and P2000 handguns. I have a Trex that I like for my 229 but they don't make anything for the first 2. Been looking for awhile off and on but these guns don't seems to be very popular for holsters and or they have extremely long leads time.

I watch Garand Thumb on youtube and he mentioned ANR is one of his video. Anyways they had IWB holster for both my gun and had a decent sale on them. Got one of each and they said delivery in 3-5 weeks. About 2 days after the order I got a email they shipped and showed up on Friday. Anyways I'm happy with both, they fit well and seem to wear well for me which is a surprise.

So yeah I recommend checking hem out if you need a carry holster.

View attachment CaVquUPnLLOP5HDLUoL4NOwDLi8Bq2WBBnWGqtGqbuptvt-4XaGWc9OEHdnnSfh4gBWCwk9KEY92vX4Rg_svzB8f2ufR_TgWYjUN

View attachment yoSh81Cr0AJbtoqoLc-X-q1yAfpYDrpqew11lJ_rbx55hz_wY4RSTGdLpzavwbVdC_DRFg7BJD5ZIVKAnB8rlO4X06D7hotLI-Pw
Nice looking holsters. How do they feel? Those corners by the barrel and the other side look kind of pointy. Any issues?
Is that a compact p2000?
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I just tried the CA9 around the house and I didn't notice any issues. They send a shorter sized kicker pieces (plastic portion with the checkered surface) and I am going to try and swap those on. I'll have to wear them some more and report back. The HK is not the SK version which is the sub. It's sorta a compact, not quite as big as my 229.
what's the tabby thing for?

Go on ebay, sort by price, select "us only" and you'll find a bunch by "jetacticalholsters"
I've been happy with theirs on a g20 and a g19 for the last several years
iirc they're under 20 bucks, bought a spare for the g20, should buy a spare for the g19

oh, did buy one for my p938 too, but that one sucks ass, you really need a tight belt or it wants to flop around, just nowhere near a long enough slide to be stable on my beltline
kicks the belt out so the grip doesn't profile as much with appendix carry.

It does help for me as I'm stick skinny.

Most places just don't have anything for the 2 models above.
Ah I see now, adds a point of contact to push the grip against you a little better

yeah, 140lbs and 6' means if you're looking, you can plainly see my g20
nobody looks though
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