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AN Trans Cooler Hard Lines

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Sep 3, 2020
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Can anybody give me a run down of AN hard lines? Tools needed, where to get the parts, how to make the line strait when it comes rolled.

I want to hard line some trans coolers on the Jeep. -6AN

Thank you for any help!
Do yourself a favor and think out if the "hot rod" box, (for lack of a better term) hard lines should be stainless but don't have to be hard. Swagelok is your friend, fitting choices are endless in every form of size and angle, only special tool involved is tubing benders, (Swagelok are instrument technition faves followed by Rigid). Can also get any size stainless braided hoses in super short lengths for vibratory/movement transitions.
Done right will look better too
Leroys shit is drooly no doubt! Was surprised he used the fittings he did though. I think might be a difference of similar stuff, purposed by industry needs, agriculture uses one kind, mining uses another, oil and gas uses yet another.
Then if it doesn't exist, Skipped will make it.:smokin:

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Pretty Rad tool! Looks like playing with hard lines has some barrier to entry. But if I get the flare tool, straightener, and then hopefully its just buying fittings. What fittings do you recommend?

I typically just get whatever is cheap from summit racing or ebay. but I really have only done a hand full of cooler lines with the tool. Ive used it much more for brake lines
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