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Amazon Sellers?


May 20, 2020
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Looking for advice on selling on Amazon, whether as business or individual.

I have some high end items to sell (Garmin Tactix Charlie Watch) and other items and this looks like to opportunity for a side hussle.

Is it better to establish a business account or sell as individual?
What is required for business account?

I don't have a registered business but not opposed to establishing one.
I’ve got some stuff listed on there but no sales success. I personally think eBay is a better platform for side business.
I've integrated a few small business's ecommerce stores in there. They got sales, but not the best experience. Amazon is 100% about the shopper, screw the supplier. Amazon has a no questions asked return policy. There were a lot of cases where items would be sold, and returned and no matter what you have to take it back on your dime. No packaging, slightly used, whatever ... makes no difference. Bigger companies or places selling things that wholesale for a buck or two this isn't a problem, can be a pia for a small business.

Just a heads up on that part ...
You're gonna have to put up with people that use Amazon as a rental service (Buy an item, use it then return it), if you're lucky they'll at least return the right shit but you have to give them back the new price for a used item.
I hope you don't print a shipping label then send an order shipped email to the buyer' then wait 3-5 days to put the product in the shippers possession!
BOTH epay and amazon suck sometimes!

Seems business ?MAY? Give more protection....
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