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Air Crash series on reddit. Cross post content? I'd like to hear some ibb thoughts.


May 21, 2020
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This is some of the best content I've seen on the Internet, and it reminds me of the Good Old Days. I'd rather have this type of content in a msg board post than either a YT video or even a good TV series. I think it even works better than a dedicated page or blog, b/c it's discussion oriented. It kind of reminds of the old Hypernerd Newsgroups back in the day. I remember getting home from work and firing up my newsreader and being overjoyed that a group started populating with bolded posts over the phone line...

I was kind of half inspired to make my weaksauce Triple Crown post because of a recent addition to the series, the crash of Galaxy Airlines Flight 203:


Basically what happens is the Pilots troubleshoot a vibration by reducing throttle, and stall their plane right out of the air. I won't give it away but there is a miraculous survival which inspired many books and at least 2 films.

There's a lot of ex-military here and many people involved in quality and procedure checks as a career. This series is like pornography if you enjoy that type of stuff. The littlest things....

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