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87 Tintop


Jan 6, 2021
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Picked this up a few months ago
Stock 1.3l
Harley carb
tracker power steering
6.5 case gears
YJ springs
flip shackles
Toyota axles
welded front and rear
35” Falken wild peaks


There’s a few things I’d like to do to it as money allows. First the wild peaks are stiff. I’m thinking I need some sxs tires. I here there making 35’s for a 15” rim. Anyone running these? Any preferences? Will need gears for the axles thinking of running some 5.29’s. Don’t mind the rear being welded but need to look at something for the front. A buddy has troubles with his part time not unlocking and the ARB is some serious $$$. Any thoughts on the front locker? Hope this will help with the steering this thing really pushes. Till I do something here’s some wheeling pics





Nice zuk.:smokin:

I have no experience with SxS tires on a zuk so I can't speak there maybe someone else will chime in.

Being welded front and rear is going to plow you through corners if you could even corner, eliminating the front will help a lot but there will always be some "push" with a welded/spooled rear.

Since you plan on gears I'd start looking for some taco e-locked rears even if you just put one in the front. It'd probably be the best bang for your buck if you could cut/weld/ drill the housing to accept the e-locker differential.
Are those headlights purple or is it the pic? Good looking ride that looks like fun
Yes there is a decent selection of sxs tires in 35x10-15, from fairly mild tread to full on stickies. I'd avoid the fuel brand tires, the itp coyote seems to be the irok of the sxs tires, do everything fine. My buddy just got the system 3 xcr350 for his rzr, they look almost like an at, but are a little more aggressive in person and have super soft tread blocks. I'm thinking about picking up a set for my Sami. I'm running 32 carnivores now, and have been super happy with them, especially in muddy terrain. They are also super durable, I ran them at Fordyce on a fat pig 4 door vitara full of camping gear with no issues.

Don't do an E-Locker, they suck. Honestly, I like the Spartans the best. I just bought my 3rd one. I think my toyota spartan worked more smoothly than the full Detroit I have in my front 60.
Thanks guys. The headlights have the haloes in them that are blue. Low beam is out but the halo still glowing. Both turn on with the brights. Trip home the other night I was driving with brights and pod lights and would kill the pods as I seen lights coming around the corner. Making them think I did turn em off. Plan to take it out next weekend
Plan to take it out next weekend so we’ll see what comes to the top of the list. If y’all know anyone with some 5.29’s or lockers send them my way would you. Only thing I’ve done lately is buy some tube cap spikes for my sliders. Don’t like them filling with mud and why not spikes.


Plan to take it out next weekend so we’ll see what comes to the top of the list. If y’all know anyone with some 5.29’s or lockers send them my way would you. Only thing I’ve done lately is buy some tube cap spikes for my sliders. Don’t like them filling with mud and why not spikes.

How's your tracker box holding up to the 35's?

Depending on where your located I have a ton of yota stuff going up for sale soon (northeast PA) just at haven't got around to getting it all together. I do have a set of 3rds, 5.29's, v6 housings, spool rear, arb front, sitting on a shelf, all parts brand new in box ready to bolt in. If interested PM, don't want to clutter your build thread.
So far so good kinda worried about it taking all the grunt of it. It’s just a Sammy case not tracker. Well sounded like every thing I’m after but I’m in Oregon. Hell of a road trip for some axles.
Did good up wheeling. Just crawled around a bit nothing too serious. I did add some shackles to the front and rear. I’m sure I’ll tear the tubes off if i use them to hard. Picked up a pair of Mazda Miata seats. Let’s see how the brackets match up.




Been a couple fun weeks of snow wheeling. Been up at Browns Camp where there’s 1-2 feet. Has made it up everything I’ve pointed it at after watching repeated rides being winched up every where.
First weekend up wheeling I was dealing with intermittent dying. After letting it sit for a while after checking all systems good she’d start back up and run for a while, good really. Ended up doing a full tune up on the ignition system, fuel filters and pump. No love, still dying. Talking with the neighbor about that it was just a cycle carb he nailed it. Stuck float.
Got that all fixed up and up wheeling we went. This thing is pretty impressive. Well that only lasted so long. Developed a tap turns to knock coming from the transfer case. Worse in 4low than high. Luckily it’s Sunday and we were on our way out. Made it back to the truck in 2wd fine nothing bad noticeable.
I’ll be gearing up to pull the case crack it apart and see what I find. Hopefully the 6.5’s are in ok shape. Maybe I can get by with just a rebuild. While I’m in there I’m looking at the shift kit trail tough offers. Gives you 2low and a true nuetral. Any experience would be great to hear. Thanks in advance.





Picked up a used case. Has 6.5 gears Mighty Kong 2 cradle and twin stick setup. The guy threw in another cradle. A stock case lacking front output and a third case in pieces with 6.5 gears in it as well. Some solid mounts in there with other misc. $500 not too bad. Going to swap this one in it and rebuild the other for a backup. Only loosing a weekend.




Haven’t posted in a while but have been wheeling, breaking stuff and collecting some new parts. Got some 34-10.50 swampers to replace the 35-12.50’s. They were heavy and rated for a truck, couldn’t get em to flex with 5lbs in them.

Picked up a 1.6 8v out of an 89 tracker. ECU and complete harness for $400. Got a video of it running. Found a good deal on a 2wd tracker tranny. Figure I’d like to take advantage of the Larger Flywheel and Clutch the setup has to offer. Come with the shortened/balanced intermediate shaft needed for $200 couldn’t resist.

I’m still needing a few items before I start. Alternator, starter, fuel pump, flywheel, clutch kit and motor mounts. I hear you can’t beat the petroworks clutch kit and the motor mounts lower it all for needed clearance.

I’m thinking I’m going to get it to run on the 1.3 intake and Harley carb for now until I get it all working and we’ll see about the fuel injection. Anyone on here do this swap themselves have any advice for this newb.



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