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CA 84 cucv (SOLD)

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May 19, 2020
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Bonners Ferry, ID

1984 Chevy cucv (ex military) 8' flat bed
reads 62k on odometer, has a 6.2 Diesel engine, TH400, 4x4, king pin dana 60 and 14 bolt with Detroit locker, 24 volt starting system, dual alternators, flatbed with 3 hanger toolboxes(Have the keys to all of them) po replaced glow plugs, I did a manual glow plug button, rear helper bags, seats from 2000 Era Chevy and newer steering wheel.

Truck runs and drives really well for being 36 years old, 4.56 gears give a lot of low end power for a 6.2.

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Well it's been home for a bit, been driving it here and there. Thing runs great, maybe it's the 4.56s, but it gets out 9f its own way fine. I even towed my samurai on a light trailer around today and it was fine for what it is.

I bypassed the glow plug controller with a push button, it still doesn't like to start in the morning. Even when it's 85*, makes me think it might be loosing prime as it fires right up at any time during the day once it's been driven.

It's listed on FB for $4800 obo, but I'd do less for anyone here.
It's just a 4un of the mill flatbed, wasn't put on by the military.

Just sold the truck yesterday. I forgot I even made an ad here. :laughing:
What ya get fer it ?
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