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CA 8 Lug Aluminum 17" beadlocks

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GGRR 4555

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Sep 3, 2020
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I need bead locks and most companies are on backorder. These are going to be the new round of wheels for the race car so I would love to work on a partnership with a wheel manufacturer or go for used if I need to. Looking for machined or polished finished if available.


8x6.5 9/16" studs. Aluminum. 17" diameter. Backspacing not critical.
did you try vision? or battleborn?

Vision only has 5 and 6 lug based on their website. Great looking wheels though. Wait: this just in; I see some 8 lug variants on the web. Ill have to do some digging.

Battle born is certainly on the list of possibilities. I wish they made a machined or polish finish wheel. I have had black walkers for years and am ready for a change.
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