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7.3 water pump


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May 21, 2020
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Was changing out the starter today since it decided yesterday was the day to give up. Can’t complain since it lasted 24 years. while I was under there I noticed coolant leaking a little further forward and upon inspection it appears to be leaking from the gasket. hoses are old but dry. how much am I going to have to take apart to get to that? Im assuming, fan, fan shroud, and radiator at least. anything i’m missing? grill? 96 OBS F250 7.3 diesel
Not too bad of a job. Remove the fan and shroud as one unit. Radiator stays but cardboard between the fan and rad. The clutch is pretty heavy. You can rent the fan tool to remove it. Make sure you keep an eye on the bolt placement when you remove the water pump. They are all different length and if put them in wrong can crack the aluminum timing cover.
All good info above.

Motorcraft pumps are still available.

Install the fan clutch with a dab of high strength loctite.
For the fan tool, use a pipe wrench with a cheater pipe on the nut, and the tool on the pulley. DO THIS BEFORE YOU PULL THE BELT!!!!!

pull the shroud and fan together (ish)...

Obviously, drain coolant.

Careful on the thermostat housing - it likes to strip. If you need a replacement cover, riffraff has a nice billet cover.

Replace the hoses if they're old and shitty.

Afternoon type job witih hand tools and retardation. 3 ish hours if you're handy.
Fan clutch assembly is heavy, helps to use a belt or strap to dangle in place as you start the threads. Nut is 47mm.
thanks. It looked pretty straight forward the minute or two I looked at it but I figured someone here has probably done one on this motor and body type. thermostat housing looks like the bolts would break off so I’ll buy one of them as well as hoses tstat and sweet tea. fan clutch seemed like it was stuck engaged so I’ll pick one of those up as well. I should be able to get everything by the end of next week
I use a long air chisel to break the fan clutch loose on most things. I don’t use it to tighten them because that is no way for water pump bearings to start their life.
One the idis you can use a long wrench that wedges between 2 of the bolts. Worked way better then the tool. I'm not sure if it works for the powerstroke though.
I've got a 2001 thats never given me a lick of problems.:cool2:

Of course it's just hit 130k

Meaning of course that it'll blow up next week.:laughing:

My first one lasted 250,000. I've been through at least 10 in the last 25000 miles
pretty straight forward job. international pump with a filter bolts in place if you want a coolant filter.
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