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4th of July party?


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May 19, 2020
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Poconos, pa
How many Irates are partying as normal this year? I'll be attending a party with 150 of my closest friends, with a common 3 keg beer meister, lotsa crockpots and food, a cornhole tournament and shitloads of fireworks. Same as every other year. Fuck masks, fuck covid, and fuck governor wolf and his freakshow sidekicks rules. Merica :usa:
Will update in 14 days if I'm not dead from Corona. :flipoff2:
I've got family in from Vegas and Texas. There will be a quad, 2 three-wheelers, a mini bike and a go kart doing laps around the driveway. Not many beers because my nephews and grandson are all between 7 and 16. The 3 year old ran the battery dead on the power wheel doing his laps like his older cousins yesterday.
And of course burgers and Chorizo on the grill tonight.
If by partying you mean hanging out with my scared old dog, likely by myself, then yes I'm absolutely partying as normal this 4th.
Nephew is 4 today, brother and sister in law are having about 30 people over, I’ll be there. This will be about the 5th family gathering We’ve had since hoaxvid 19 came out
We usually don’t do much on the 4th. I usually get stuck working in the HOA dealing with idiots all day, last thing I want to do is come home to more idiots :homer:

We go to the top of our hill and watch the surrounding areas fireworks. There probably won’t be much to see this year
Quiet this year, visiting friends, hanging around the pool, and relaxing, probably a smaller group than normal, but I'm not very social anyways so it works.:usa::usa:
There’s a few things we could have done today, but we decided to stay home and watch our grandson so our oldest daughter could go kayaking. The closest small town had a parade at 7 that my youngest daughter and I went to, and the two bars in town had drink specials and music outside on the sidewalk. It looked like there was 20-30 people at both bars.

All the larger towns/cities around us cancelled all of their 4th activities. I talked to a friend of mine that spent the afternoon on the river and he said there was a shit ton of people on the water today.
Went over to one of my buddies place and enjoyed bbq and swimming in his huge in ground salt water swimming pool. First time in a pool with one of my old legs. Worked out much better then I thought it ever would. Found out I’m a bit out of shape swimming wise. Going to go to his place throughout the weeks to swim. Gotta get stronger for a dive trip in October in the gulf.

watched fireworks on the drive home from everyone all over shooting them off. :usa::usa::usa::usa::usa:
Hanging out in the backyard watching Independence day on the projector with the fam. Made some spare ribs earlier.
We usually go to the local BMX track which is right next to the dirt oval where they do fire works, it's actually closer than the grand stands, like shit falling on you close :usa:​​​​​​

This year all are canceled except the county is launching some from a local airport. Supposed to be the biggest show for this county ever.

Normal is 4", they're doing a lot of 6" and even some 10" :grinpimp:

So we're sitting on some grass in camp chairs, brought a few beers, weather is amazing like 65*, when 95* at 9 pm isn't uncommon this time of year :laughing:
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