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48" dual fuel range reccomendations


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May 21, 2020
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Rocky View County, AB
My wife and I have owned a Thermador, Wolf and now a DCS over the past 6 years. They came and went with houses as we've moved from town out to the country and recently down closer to my wife's family.

All three had 5-6 burners and a griddle. The griddle is definitely my favorite part, but the dual ovens is a big deal for my wife. The Thermador was great. We had zero issues with it and it cooked things well. The Wolf in our second house cooked well, but I had to replace the control board once, a relay board once and swapped the RTDs out in each oven. The DCS came with our latest place and it is definitely a low end model compared to the other two. It has serious issues with hot spots on the griddle (gets so hot at the back that any oil back there blackens and smokes, while the front isn't hot enough to cook an egg), despite regular seasoning everything sticks to the cook surface and the oven burns the bottom of everything my wife tries to bake. The interior oven space is also significantly smaller on the DCS than the Wolf or the Thermador were for the same size range. It also does a hell of a job burning me every damn time I use the griddle because the sides of the range get just about as hot as the cooking surface does. I want to get rid of the POS and get something higher quality.

Do any of you guys have any experience with the other 48" options out there like the Bluestar or GE Monogram? Or should I just go with another Thermador?
I have 48" GE Monogram. Dual fuel, Griddle, 6 burners, dual ovens. I wish we could find a pro to come clean it. We love this thing. 0 issues. We did wipe the lettering off when cleaning it with stainless cleaner last year so you gotta know the knobs to use it.

I think my parents have Thermador and a lot of issues. Issues with the ovens, fridge and freezer. leaky ice maker cost probably $60k in insurance in flood damage. Oven ruined 2 back to back Thanksgivings with burned out boards in the middle of a turkey cook. Fridge is currently broken waiting on repair for 7 weeks now. Thurmador warranty and support is bad. As in the support center telling the onsite tech to fix/swap the wrong parts(this was last month). Thermador also told my parents their warranty was up. My parents had to show Thermador a Certificate of Occupancy before they finally agreed to warranty the fridge. Now they wait because Thermador cant get their own compressor to fix it.
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Pretty sure I was the first response to this thread, but it's gone now:confused: anyway

if [486] thinks 13k is expensive, my wife got the opportunity to cook on the biggest model available below. It think it had an 1 1/4, or 1 1/2 inch gas line:eek:

Not in the 48" class (although they make one, link below) but we love our dual fuel Kitchenaid. The oven does take a while to heat up but once warmed up, it holds temperature amazingly and everything else has worked well on it.


I've got the dual fuel KitchenAid and it's fantastic. Dual electric / convection ovens, and gas cooktop. My brother liked it so much,he bought the same one for his place. My mom tried it and put the identical one in her place too. One of the knob trim rings is spinning, but you can easily replace them and even get color coordinated rings to match your kitchen. Not a single problem otherwise and it's a fantastic unit. Same thing with mom's and my brother's. She cooks for herself so not a ton of use, but my brother has 6 sons and a daughter and they use the hell out of theirs. I'd buy another without hesitation.

We all have the 30" but I'm pretty sure it's got the same guts as the wider unit, and the 30" is a bargain at $3200 list. It's more than a lot of beater cars I've owned, but I'd happily pay twice that much for the same reliability and happiness I've gotten out of this thing. Just thought I'd mention it as I'm sure the 48" units would be built along the same lines.


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Last 2 places have had a viking 60 and a 60 wolf, have nothing bad to say about either viking wad s scratch and dent from local restaurant supply. And wolf was from a restaurant remodel, I agree that the flattop is a game changer.
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