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30 Days of Giveaways - Day 8 - Diono Radian 3RXT

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May 1, 2020
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UPDATE: Post #41 by Mr Stubs is the winner of' the Diono Carseat! Now you need to have a baby to put in it .... get to practicing!

Keep an eye on the Vendor's Section or PM [USER][/USER] for a IBB exclusive discounts on these car seats, or any Diono products!

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Now I'm sure you're looking at this and thinking ... WTF is a carseat doing on this forum ...

First off, my wife Jen F'n awesome. She has a Children's Boutique Clothing store and before I even launched the site she offered to donate a couple of these for giveaways. :beer:

Second, they fit really well in Jeeps, FJs and anything else with a small back seat. I could stick 3 across the back of my JK ..... but thats not happening

Third, we just had our first irate4x4 baby. Congrats again TOMS97ZJ !! Hoping you win this man!

A few quick points on these:
  • These Diono Radians are built like tanks to keep the littles safe and the physical size down. They weigh as much as tanks too, so maybe not a car seat you want to be moving from car to car all the time.
  • Not that I would do any extreme wheeling with a kid in a carseat, but should an accident happen I would want them in this seat vs anything else we've looked at.
  • They are one of the few car seats that are FHA approved for flight. They also fold up for easy transport.
  • I talked her into carrying these last year mostly because of how well they fit in Jeeps. Since then we've sold a bunch to members of the local clubs. She's going to set up a permanent IBB discount coupon if anybody would like one. Keep an eye on the Vendor's section for the code ....

I have 3 of these and they are tanks but small enough to run 3-wide in the backseat of the WRX
In This would look good next to my daughters recaro toddler seat.

We have 2 toddlers, and Britax seats, which are great, except they're damn wide. 3 of them in our 4runner makes for shutting the door with your shoulder :laughing: and that's with 1 rear facing.

My kids are all past car seats, so i don't have a use for this. If this post is drawn, I want the seat shipped to TOMS97ZJ
Momma's "baby" is a grown ass 21 year old man
So If I win it's up for donation to anyone that needs it......

P.S. Will I get a shirt though??????:laughing::laughing::laughing:

My grandson is going to like the outdoors despite his parents!
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