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30 Days of Giveaways - Day 20 & 21 - irate Swag w/Fathers Day Bonus!

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May 1, 2020
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June 20th & 21st - Chance to win a irate4x4 long sleeve shirt

UPDATE: Winners are [USER][/USER] and [USER][/USER] .
Since CLR posted a pic of him and his little girl on Fathers Day he'll get two shirts!

PM me your size and mailing address fellas!

Since it's Father Day Weekend, post up a pic of you and the kiddos and if you win I'll throw in a t-shirt as well!

Bonus stickers if its you and the kids wheel'n!

I'll draw two winners on Monday morning!

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  • Enter by replying 'IN'
  • One entry per person
  • Must have a Red, Blue or Yellow Skull
  • I'll pick the winners via Google's random number generator. I'll screen record it and share it. The number it picks correlates the entry number on the page.
  • Winner will be picked the following day.
Not wheelin, but the younger 2 were helping me on our latest project (Sam I am) the oldest (7 1/2) has been actually helping a lot and learning how certain components work. He pulled the rear axle apart 90% himself and learned how spider gears work and how to make them not work with a welder :laughing: when we were done I wasn't even in "teaching mode" and he starts spinning the pinion and asks me if my side is spinning :grinpimp:

In, pic of the kiddos and I when we were building a tree house back on the farm. :grinpimp:


Sorry, no kids, wife is missing parts of the necessary eqpt. so never gonna happen. :flipoff2:
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