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3/4 Ton Wagon - what am i looking for? nother unlikely build that prolly won't happen


Jul 8, 2009
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Gatesville, TX
What year range or style or whatever am I looking for if I want a 3/4 ton wagon?

4 door, but i'm not looking for something with a 4' rear overhang like the ~70's wagons had. something that can be set on a 6" frame to pull a trailer :flipoff2:

cruising craiglist is still giving absurd sticker shock, wife is complaining that the van smells too much like mildew and it needs a full interior. well, if i have to do a full interior, might as well get a neat body and i've never owned a wagon before.

obviously older stuff is always more interesting and such or whatnot, is there something that is more readily adaptable than other things?
You talking something like a vista cruiser style wagon on a truck frame?

No help here but can't wait to see you build this :grinpimp:

something that could be put on basically a truck frame, but honestly probably just doing up a 6" box frame would probably be quick and easy. it's van 3/4t stuff, but i've got a drivetrain that i enjoy with the added bonus that the front suspension/engine cradle would be easy to pull off and adapt to things because of the van unibody

1964 chevy wagon, this is probably about as much rear overhang as would be tolerable, but i'd rather have less if possible. plus i don't believe that the novas are sertup for a frame.


54 bel air wagon, i think this is less rear overhang, but these are silly expensive, any alternatives?


1978 ford LTD wagon, already looks like it is about to flip over backwards :laughing: just looks like too much


figure with a heavier frame and a reasonable hitch, there isn't much reason why it couldn't be built with leaf spring rear and air bags. make it ride decent unloaded, inflate bags when the trailer is hooked up. not looking to tow more than the car trailer, i dunno probably 8klbs sketchy max.
My brother has a 60 park wood. The frame is really narrow in the middle. Not sure it would be able to go on a normal frame. Just something to be aware of.
That blue 64 Chevy is pimp tits!!!:smokin:

I'd drive the absolute shit out of that everywhere I went
My brother has a 60 park wood. The frame is really narrow in the middle. Not sure it would be able to go on a normal frame. Just something to be aware of.

that wouldn't be a big deal. i think it will take a custom frame either way and i have a unibody currently housing my drivetrain, so i'm not looking for just like a camero on a blazer frame type swap. figure some ~2x6x0.120 would be plenty beefy even if i have to give it a bunch of curves to fit the stock body mounts.

seems like something with a frame from the factory would be easier to duplicate than something that doesn't have a frame at all.
I think you'd be hard pressed to find any 50s/60s/70s era wagon that didn't have a long rear overhang.

as a workaround, what's the term or whatever that i'm looking for to set up the rear mounted bumper hitch to "pull" from the front of the car? there's got to be a way similar to a load distributing/sharing hitch to do that for the whole chassis, right?
The LS is already done.....:smokin:

if anybody has one with a decent body, i've got a good magnum 5.9/46re/9.25" limited slip (i told you, van 3/4T stuff :flipoff2: ) that i'd like to use. well, at least i'd like to keep the engine.

a 48re and a 14 bolt would be nice, but hey, i've already got this stuff :laughing:

Find a rolled Denali or something similar and then swap the interior into the wagon, wagon onto van chassis, then sell remaining LS/tranny combo on CL for more than you paid for the rolled rig in the first place.

I have yet to see a 3/4 ton Griswald Truckster yet. :flipoff2:
They guy who is building a motor for my vette has a ~1980 olds or pontiac wagon that looks stock aside from the wheels. It's sporting a 500+ hp 406 roller with a 700r4. It makes me laugh when he rolls off a set of tires. He happens to be one of the best engine builders in the area, I've been waiting 4 months for a build slot.
Either a Wagoneer or IHC Traveler with swaped in drivetrain

my only concern with those is that they seem to sit pretty high, even the 2wd ones are 4wd height.

guess that probably doesn't matter though if it's getting a bigger frame either way :laughing:
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