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3.4- No Injector or Coil Ground Pulse???


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Jun 17, 2020
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Hey guys,
Long time Pirate lurker, not so much a poster but I am in need of some help...

I just completed a 3.4 swap into my 1986 4runner. I pulled the hurt 22re/W56 out and opted to install a 3.4 I have had sitting in my basement for about 3 years followed by an R150 and dual 2.28/4.7 gear driven transfer cases that I upgraded to 23 spline. I am using an ORS conversion harness.
Got everything together went to start and had no power to the fuel pump which led me to discover I had chosen a poor ground location for the main ground in the conversion harness. Fixed the grounding issue and now have power to the computer, coils, injectors, fuel pump, but when I turn the key I am not getting a ground pulse from the computer to fire injectors or coils. I am going to ohm out the cam and crank sensor this evening when I get home to ensure they are not bad.

Does anyone have any other directions I should take or things to check?

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