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22RE to 1.9 TDI Swap


'Splain this to me again
Oct 13, 2020
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Been researching and reading a lot on the 1.9 TDI and I think I have located a donor vehicle. I have decided that this is the route I want to go when the 22RE gives up. For now, the truck is running fine, just a bit boggy Gears would help but that's still like putting lipstick on a pig. Was thinking about turboing the 22re but I know me and it would toast the motor pretty quick. I know the adapters are available and I can figure out the mounts and all fairly easily. The electrical part concerns me.

I know almost nothing about the VW diesel other than its a vw, and it uses diesel.. I have seen several videos on the "evry" mod that cheats the ECU into dumping fuel and making lots more power, and that is what I want. I saw one guy wire in a potentiometer so he could adjust it on the fly between power and fuel economy. I also know that there are mechanical fuel pumps available that will do away with the ECU altogether. I want to keep the electronics to save some money. So, I guess my major concerns are integrating the gauges and throttle. I presume I will have to change out gas pedals for the drive by wire?

Anyone in northeast Texas interested in helping lol??
I just converted my 87 hilux from the factory 2lt diesel to an ALH with oversized injector nozzles and a tune and it is over double the power the old motor made. I can blow donut on dry pavement with 40's now, it's fawking rowdy!

Firstly, don't go mechanical, it won't make as much usable power and you won't be happy with it.
2nd the wiring is really quite simple, strip down a factory harness and cut out everything you don't need and simplify it to a standalone harness that only requires a couple relays and ign sourced power to run everything.
3rd. The pedal is really easy, just mount it to your floor and plug it in, you can get a signal converted to run your tech, the rest is pretty easy.

by far your best resource is Dave at Fast Forward Automotive, he specializes in TDI swaps and builds really trick harnesses that he ships all over the world, he also happens to be 5 mins from my shop so made it pretty easy for me. He unlocked and tuned my ecu and supplied the injector nozzles for a really reasonable price, and if I wasn't so cheap I would run one of his harnesses any day.

if you have any questions about the swap feel free to pm me.
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