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20x30" square opening in trailer - how to cover?


May 26, 2020
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I am pretty new to trailers and not very creative. Had a set of speakers that was installed inside facing out, removed them, left with a square hole. All windows I see have rounded corners - the opening is square with steel beams around it. I dont want to cut a bigger oval oprning because I dont want to cut into the tubing. Trailer is skinned both inside and out.

Whats a decent way to cover that up? I was thinking a very dark larger plexiglass over the hole and use screws to the beams.

Thank you.
Most of the penetrations are square, measure and search for a window of like dimensionality
Get a sheet of the same color metal and cut a piece to fit. Trim it with some flat stock aluminum. You can also use some spray can etching primer on the trim and paint it to match.
I think I found an rv window manufacturer who does square corner windows. I sent them dimensions and waiting for a quote.

If not, then I will go the square sheet cut to fit.

Thank you
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