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2012 Taco Diff interchange


'Splain this to me again
Oct 13, 2020
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I'm trying to help a local guy out with a stranded Taco. Truck is 5 hours away and has a blown ring gear. Its a 2012 Taco, 3.73, open dif. I have a 4.56 rear diff out of a mid 90's runner laying in the floor of my shop. I know there are some differences and the Taco dif is stronger. Will the older runner dif fit in the newer Taco housing to get the truck back home so he can rebuild the Taco dif? And yes, I know (and he knows) the gear ratio is very different.

EDIT** Found the site I was looking for. The bolt patterns are different as it won't work. This is what I suspected.
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