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2011-2016 superduty radius arms?


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May 28, 2020
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My CCSB f350 has a 2.5” Carli kit in it. I did not buy their radius arms. Running 295/7x-18’s.

id really like to move the front axle forward 1/2-3/4” for fender clearance. Also want to grab some more caster - currently way under spec.

any options out there that can do both caster and move the axle forward a bit?
I’m guessing my hope for a sub-1k solution isn’t going to be an option.
Most of the Aftermarket arms are pricey. PMF makes a set as well.

PMF also offers a radius arm bracket that lowers the attachment point to affect the caster (https://www.pmfsuspension.com/2005-...cated-Replacement-Radius-Arm-Mounts_p_74.html). May be worth contacting them to see if they can drill the holes to push the axle forward as well. I was planning on doing that when I converted my Excursion to '05+ axles.
WFO has a kit.

Nice kit - more work than I want to do for a DD.

Found a solution. BDS has an affordable set of arms that will also give me just enough additional camber and "length" to solve my issue.

And, of course, they are back ordered.
Would the cheap way out be to make new radius arm mounts for the frame?

Little lower and farther forward.
Re drill the lower hole on the radius arm to easily add caster.
to move them forward the frame brackets come off way easy, slide them forward and drill new holes in the frame
you're thinking $1000 solution, you need to think $10 solution
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