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2001 Suburban tow rig

Tin Roof

May 20, 2020
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I have a ‘01 suburban with a 5.3 that does double duty as a spare vehicle and as a puller for my fishing boat and my snowmobile trailer. My experience is with older carb’d motors, what are the easiest power adders I can do to this rig? It does ok now, but I’d like to give it more snort when I’m pulling three sleds and have 3-4 adults in it plus our gear and we are headed 7 hours north to ride. I know I can re-gear it, I’m more curious about cheap engine mods.
1st start saving up for a new transmission
2nd if push button 4wd do the pump rub fix,google np246 pump rub
For more power do a good custom tune,the intake/exhaust already flow good enough for a stock engine
What he said. Second is sell it and buy a 2500 suburban with a 6.0 or better yet the 8.1.
Thanks guys. Long term plan is to get a 2500 or find a decent Excursion. For the short term I’m going to stick with this. Motor has 45k on it, tranny has about 100k. Body has 230k. I’ve done the brakes, shocks, new brake lines, tie rod ends, ball joints, put a high volume oil pump in it, now the only concern I have would be the tranny.
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