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2000 tahoe... worth building?


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Jun 8, 2020
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Buddy has a 2000 Tahoe 4dr that has been sitting for a few months with a blown trans. Been kicking around the idea of SAS and one tons. He said I can have it for $500 but it will need a 4L60e, probably a transfer case swap (or doubler) plus axles and all the small parts.

would it be worth building? Only thing worthwhile is the engine..... unless I swap that into something else

Better off fixing trans and selling it? Or dont bother with it at all?
Kinda depends on what kind of rig your looking for. If its something for the family to wheel in or to wheel and sleep in etc would probably make a good one. If sasing, thinking doubler, etc your basically buying a powered shell at that point. So I would make sure it was a shell I liked the looks of.

if you plan to keep it and build it. I would swap that 4L60 for an 80. Since your going to have to replace it. Thats why I got mine cheap. Because the trans was dead
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