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2000 Dodge Ram 2wd Tow rig Steering Center Link Discontinued . Need advice!


May 22, 2020
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Dodged a head on wreck in my tow rig and hit a security post in a parking lot causing damage to the left front bumper, fender, suspension and steering on my 2000 Dodge. This was a few months before I broke both legs and feet in a fall. I'm just now getting to where I can walk on them long enough to work on my Pickup few few hours at a time.

Over the last 4 weeks I've managed to work on it some. Very painfully I might add.
I've got the left lower A arm replaced. New Rotors (because they are the original equipment.)
Replaced all of the upper and lower ball joints (both sides), power steering box, power steering pump snd hoses. But I can't find the center cross link. The Dealership is NO Help!

The grease zerk on the steering link just barely rubs the frame, so that's how I know it's bend a little Should have about a 1/2 clearance in straight on postition.

The tweaked part is the short arm section between the steering box arm and the right steering link is pushed back about a half inch. (Between the location of # 6 to #7.
It's the yellow highlighted part in the picture.

So my question is, Does anyone know where I can get this part from.? New preferred!
BUt I'll put a used one on if I have no other choice!

Like I mentioned, I am just now starting to relearn how to walk again, so hitting the wrecking yard and pullling one is out of the question for me. A Pick & Pull in a wheel chair is just not going to work.....

Dodge Ram 2500 Center LinkPart Number: 52039496AA
Vehicle Specific
Fits the following Dodge Ram 2500 Years:
  • 2000-2002 | Quad Cab 2WD, Regular Cab 2WD, Regular Cab Chassis 2WD | 10 Cyl 8.0L, 6 Cyl 5.9L Diesel, 8 Cyl 5.9L.
Also, I would appreciate your thoughts on the last resort idea of just putting the cross link in the 40 ton press and tweaking it back a little. I can't find that part anywhere on the open internet.

Hoping you guys might be able to point me to a good source for this.
Oh and yes, after I get it where I can road it I'm going to have it aligned on a laser alignment machine to make sure the frame isn't bent. Just In Case. The trucks only got 250K miles and it looks and runs like it did new.

Thanks. I'm usually on the Isuzu or General Chit Chat and Trailer Park. But Having bee a memeber here I know there is not better collection if minds who can help solve this issue.Attachments



Lol, I have an answer, but it's not good news. That part was discontinued in June of 2007, and no dealers show it in stock on the locator. Looking at RockAuto, they only have the 4WD style available. I hate to say it but used may be your best bet. Looks like 00-02 2500 and 3500 WITHOUT the Z3B option will work. You will know if you find a dually with the Z3B suspension package, it's basically a dummy D60 with no center chunk. Sorry I can't help more.
whats 2wd mean?

It means it's a trailer puller with a lot less maintenance than 4 WD. Don't need 4 WD where I live. I have five other 4 WD trucks. They don't do trailer duty!

Got a guy who is looking for one for me. It's what he does for a living! Should hear from him by the end of the week. If not I"ll stick it in the press and straighten it out the best I can. What a pain in the rear, when I can't walk well enough to go to the Pick and Pulls myself.
genos garage sells the synergy unit....not cheap...and uses the updated t style...
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