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1ton Tacoma gets links


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Jun 6, 2020
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Roseville CA
I’ve had this thing for years on leafs, beat the crap out of it, time to make some big changes. I’ll post some timeline type stuff to get caught up to where it’s at now.

Old specs...
-95.5 Tacoma 3rz, W56, duals with 4.7s in rear case
-Gm Dana 60, 6.17s, E-locker, Yukon chromoly 35 spline, super joints, hardcore hubs.
-Dana 70u, Detroit locker, Yukon chromo 35 spline shafts, disc brakes.
-RUF front leaf springs, Chevy rears.
-trailgear bumper, harbor freight winch, 4xinnovations cage, method bead locks, Maxxis 40” trep radials.

Feb- pre Covid, ordered up parts. Link brackets from 4WU, and radflos from Phil at Liberty Mountain Fab. Got some miscellaneous parts from WFO and Ruffstuff, and stuff new/used from a buddy. Started cutting off the old junk.

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March 22, eBay champion radiator. Significant height difference to the stock one, trimmed the stock fan shroud. It doesn’t hang nearly as low. Also started mocking up engine height. The rig was flat bellied, so engine was lifted this time around to help uptravel numbers. Going to need to clearance the trans tunnel more than it was already.

April 5, big thanks to Phil at Liberty Mountain Fab. Great communication, free advice, and if they don’t do what I want, free spring exchange and revalve.

April 17. More winch mount, and bumper will be built off this with tube connectors and clamps, for easy service to engine later.

June 7, and up to date on the build. Going stock gears in both cases. It had been 4.7s in the back. And then pretty much at a stand still until I get link brackets from 4WU. I need to get the links and axle placed before doing any more tube or shock mounts. Waiting for parts is driving me nuts, I’m about to cut the back off just so I’m not at a stand still. Haha