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CA 1999 dodge 2wd Cummins or body/chassis

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May 19, 2020
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So i bought this off pbb 6 years ago. It was a great deal and has been a good work truck. But i thouroghly beat the hell out of it.

It needs a significant amount of serious repairs.

has needed a head gasket for 3 years from typical 24v left front corner leak
Nv4500 needs full rebuild and new clutch
turbo may need replacement as well.
2wd front suspension needs full rebuild and steering box.
needs batteries from cold+sitting.
Driver seat has typlical ass damage

Body is solid with no rust. Interior was thouroghly cleaned before i parked it because of the trans.
d-side fender has dents and tire damage but not bad
Hood has dents
Bed was swapped out and is good condition except for the header panel has a big dent from something falling on it. Not noticable with headache rack or tool box.
D80 rear axle has 5/8 studs and was rebuilt with 3.54 and new bearing with less than 20k on them.

Ats 3p manifold
Bd exhaust brake
Banks stringer 2 exhaust and waste gate kit 4".
7 new 245/70/17 tires. One new one warn 5 good with maybe 2000 miles.
3rd gen 17" wheels.
arg intake pipe and k&n filter

also can include a 2nd gen d60 and ford ttb outers

I would like
$3000 as is.
$1000 for the body and chassis

The less you want to pay the less youll get.
I can use a lot of it for other projects

I do have a small box of extra parts that will go with it and extra tail gate.

It is missing the trailer hitch but has a goose in the bed.

I also have a set of 19.5 steel wheels that were milled out to fit dodge axles. But if you only want the body and chassis i would like $500 for them.
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Will take trades towards price of good parts aswell

superduty 99-04 4.30 axles
Superduty 99-04 leveling kit or springs
8x170 17 stock back spacing wheels
d70hd detroit locker
new ord 203/205 doubler
5 h1 wheels with plastic rings. Stock centers. 8 or 12 bolt.
Late gm/dodge nv4500
round pattern gm and dodge 205s
77-79 ford d60 kp housing and shafts.
gm 52" springs
Ord/diy4x b52 front and rear hanger setups.

Gm 81-91 clean single cab (cab only required) with diesel title
Curent clean 73-75 title and plate (will accept cab but not needed)
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Does not have the winch bumper anymore but this is the 19.5 on the truck
fender damage can be seen here

Speedo shows just over 400k but wasnt working for a while so its more like 430-450k


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